Setting REINSTALLMODE in WIX template

CMake’s own (in the Utilities/Release/WiX directory) contains the following line, which is not present in the general that is used by default with the WIX CPack generator:

<Property Id="REINSTALLMODE" Value="amus"/>

According to this stackoverflow answer, it looks like this shouldn’t be set in the template file, but rather it should be a run time setting only. Maybe I’m misunderstanding where the fits into the picture, but it seems like maybe we shouldn’t be including the above line in CMake’s template? @brad.king

I was looking at differences between CMake’s own and the general purpose one the WIX CPack generator provides and noticed this change. I was looking at whether we wanted to apply the change from MR 8954 to CMake’s own WIX template for consistency, even though it shouldn’t actually change the resultant package for now since CMake’s own template currently hard-codes perMachine for the InstallScope anyway.

The reinstall mode was added to CMake’s private WIX rules so that the resulting .msi would be able to replace newer versions instead of only replacing older versions. I don’t know if there is another way to achieve that, but it hasn’t been a problem in practice AFAIK.