Regarding cmake aarch64 binary in releases and cmake cross build (host: x86_64, target: aarch64)

We are able to build cmake successfully in aarch64 platform and generate binary as well. Cmake binary is available in ubuntu distributions as well, but we don’t have aarch64 binary in releases So, please let us know if anything needs to be done from our side for adding aarch64 binary in releases.

We are trying to build cmake python wheel for arm64, and that is ending up with native x86_64 binary of cmake inside built aarch64 wheel.

So we require your suggestion for building cmake using build system x86_64 and for target system aarch64.

If you require our docker script for the same, you can access at:


CMake Issue 20122 discusses support for binaries on more architectures.

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Thanks. I will follow that ticket.

Can you suggest any process on cross-compilation of cmake?