Recommended CMake Tutorials?

What tutorials do you guys recommend for beginners?

I want something snappy and clear to give to people that demonstrates modern CMake practices.

The official CMake tutorial isn’t really great for beginners. Since it goes into packaging/installing/testing way too soon. And it really clutters things for beginners. Especially new C++ college students.

Most people just wanna build their C++ code asap. Worry about the rest later.

1.) An Introduction To Modern CMake

Here is a tutorial that is being maintained with CMake releases:

An Introduction To Modern CMake was originally written by Henry Schreiner. Other contributors can be found listed on GitLab.

I think this is a good place to get started. It’s quick, snappy, and looks nice!

It even links to more tutorials/places. In case it isn’t enough.

2.) Professional CMake: A Practical Guide

I recommend Craig Scott’s book of course. This book is invaluable as a CMake developer: