NSIS PATH Option screen not multi-language

The optional Set Path for All Users and Create Desktop Icon page in the
NSIS installer is not multi-language. Therefore, a user installing in,
say, Italian, will see that page in English and get confused, as the
rest of the messages are in Italian.

As far as I’m aware, there is no attempt anywhere in CMake to provide any text in a language other than English. Certainly we don’t want to prevent end users from adding such support if they want to for their own installers. I believe you can provide your own custom NSIS template, so that’s an option for you if you wanted to go down that path to provide such a translatable installed.

The problem is that CMake uses an .ini file for those menus and
there’s no easy way to translate those in NSIS. You need to create
variables for each text string and manipulate them with a language
file it seems. I was hoping those that wrote the CMake original
module could provide some guidance or pseudo code.