Nightly dynamic analysis jobs showing uninitialised variables

@brad.king @marc.chevrier The nightly dynamic analysis jobs started showing uninitialised variables being used starting on 25th June. From what I can see, only two MRs were merged back then which have any potential to change compiled code, but neither one seems to be related to the code paths that are mentioned in the dynamic analysis results. The MRs are:

The first nightly failures can be seen here:

I wasn’t able to see anything obvious from either of those MRs, nor any other MR which might be responsible, but I wasn’t able to spend too much time looking into it. Maybe one of you might have an idea, if you get a chance to take a look. The code paths seem to be related to JSON handling, with cmJSONHelperBuilder usually being involved.

I reproduced that locally. See CMake MR 9645 for an explanation and fix. I’d missed that result on the dashboard before merging the culprit.