Need help using CMake with double8scan software


I am looking to hire someone to help me use Bjorn Roth’s double8scan software.

His instructions say:

Build using CMake, for instance:

mkdir build ; cd build ; cmake … ; make

CMake will search for and link against libjpeg.

I have not been successful in figure this out and need the software for my ongoing projects. Please message me if you are interested in making a few bucks helping me figure this out.


Hi Lisa,
Your problem does not seem to be CMake-related, did you try to contact the author?
The project is quite simple, you do not explain what error you get.
May be you can copy/paste the CMake output and provide us with the system/compiler/CMake version you are using.

NB: Since the project depends on libjpeg you should have installed the lib and its development dependencies before trying to compile.

Hi Eric,

Thanks for your response. I have reached out to the author but have not heard back. The challenge lies with my lack of knowledge in how to use CMake. I recently moved from Mac to Windows and was using terminal on Mac to run the program. Now I need to figure out how to use the software on Windows and am a novice at CMake.

I’m willing to pay someone to give me a tutorial and help me figure out the workflow.

Although your tip about libjpeg does make sense to me. I was getting an error message about Visual Studio 16. I wonder if that is related.

Lisa Marie

CMake generates the Visual Studio project file which you use to compile the program.
Good material for learning CMake may be:


there is online training from kitware too:

I cannot do that for now, I am not using the windows platform for a long time so I won’t be able to guide you through this. May be some Windows user can help explaining you how to install libjpeg on Windows.

Thanks for all of these wonderful resources! I will go through these training guides.

If anyone familiar with the Windows platform is willing to help out for a small fee, I’d be interested in chatting with you.