Looking to contribute via bug fixing

Hello everyone

I use CMake everyday and would like to learn it better by fixing some bugs. However, after an (albeit brief) look around I didn’t see any guidelines on how to start doing this. I can peruse the bug list on gitlab of course, and I have looked at the mechanics of contributing in the CONTRIBUTING.rst document. But I did not see anything on the “right” way to select something to work on. I know some open-source projects have a label such as “good first issue” that helps. Is there something similar for cmake?

Failing that, can someone offer guidance as to how, for example, to select bugs to start cutting my teeth on?

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We have a triage:easy tag for this. These are issues that are deemed “quick fixes” for anyone willing to put some time in.



Perfect, thank you.

I looks like many of these are several years old and it’s hard to tell if they still need work. For example, https://gitlab.kitware.com/cmake/cmake/-/issues/19584 - seems like it has been taken care of (I find no examples that seem to apply using the given search with grep). Is it possible “easy” / entry-level bugs are no longer being really labelled as such?

Labeling used to be fairly consistent when I was doing it regularly (up to early 2018), but after a long vacation, I was way too far behind to keep up with it. Triaging easy issues as “already resolved” also helps. Similarly, being able to confirm existence or fixes for other issues is always appreciated.

Ok, I will try to help with that. Can I assume if I poke around I’ll find some guidance on how to mark issues as resolved? If not, perhaps you can point me in the right direction. I’ll re-iterate I’m not throwing any shade :slight_smile: Just want to help.

triage:mr-welcome is another label you could take a look at. These are not necessarily simple tasks, but they do help identify issues that the core maintainers are not likely to implement and so will be relying on interested contributors to take a look at. You can always add a comment on such issues asking for guidance or any further info before starting work on them.