Link to SSCCE to improve question quality

Lots of time people will have a question/bug.

However, it’s basically impossible to figure out what’s going wrong with their code.

It would really help if users were told to make a SSCCE.

Ideally we create a better feedback loop of questions/answers.

Cc: @craig.scott

@buildSystemPerson where do you propose such a link be added?

Ideally it would be somewhere on this gui interface. And it should be obvious to users.

I’m not sure where it would be easiest to add for discourse usage. Perhaps adding it in the body of the message? Something like:

# In order to increase your chances of getting your problem/question resolved please create a SSCCE (Short, Self Contained, Correct (Compilable), Example). 
# Here is a website with a full explanation:
# Isolating the problem makes it easier to solve and is more helpful to other users long term.
# Here are 3 examples of good questions:
# ...