LaTeX (and documents) as first-class citizen


Google does lead me astray on this, as I’m sure this has been brough up multiple times, but does anyone know the history of LaTeX as a language understood by CMake?

As with all languages, when not explicitly supported by CMake, it becomes cumbersome to use, as the declarative style immediately breaks down to old-school imperative scripting. Modules like UseLATEX of @kmorel are extremely useful, but that is as far as LaTeX can go without backing support into CMake.

Is there any fundemental reason why no add_document command exists yet? LaTeX, Doxygen could be prime targets for such support and it would simplify the lives of many.

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There are far too many ways to do documentation to possibly provide a simple add_document abstraction in general.

The UseLATEX project’s README explains why it isn’t in CMake upstream.

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From UseLATEX readme:

Nobody thinks this is a bad idea, but it hasn’t yet happened mostly out of laziness.