Is the 'latest' version of cmake-docs deployed from the 'release' branch?

Hello, CMake Team.

According to the cmake-docs, we can see that the ‘latest’ version corresponds to the latest release (e.g. 3.28.5) or relase candidate (e.g. 3.29.0-rc1).

I wonder:

  1. Whether the ‘latest’ version of cmake-docs is deployed from the ‘release’ branch?
  2. Or it is deployed from the latest tag acquired through a set of internal design logic calculations?

In other words, is the ‘release’ branch designed for the ‘latest’ version of cmake-docs? (Because I noticed that the HEAD of the ‘release’ branch is usually at the commit with a tag)

(.venv) hwhsu1231@vb-kubuntu:~/Repo/testing/CMake$ git status
On branch release
nothing to commit, working tree clean
(.venv) hwhsu1231@vb-kubuntu:~/Repo/testing/CMake$ git log --oneline
788c204788 (HEAD -> release, tag: v3.29.0-rc4, relase) CMake 3.29.0-rc4
e497fbfca3 Merge topic 'Apple-TBD-in-subdirecory' into release-3.29
3e90c88733 Merge branch 'release-3.28' into release-3.29
742af6cff7 Merge topic 'autogen-makefile-depfile' into release-3.29
8ebdee9314 Merge topic 'autogen-makefile-depfile' into release-3.28
8f0801cacc Merge topic 'LINKER_TYPE-mold-support' into release-3.29
d93a7c18d8 Merge topic 'fc-MakeAvailable-leak-var' into release-3.29
bcc26ce465 Apple Text Based Stubs: should be usage in subdirectories

As far as I’m aware, we only update the published docs when there’s a tagged release, but @brad.king can provide a more authoritative answer.

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The /latest docs correspond to the highest-numbered tag created from the release branch. It is deployed by the CI pipeline used to create the release binaries.

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But we can acquire the highest-numbered tag from the master branch as well, right?

From the following screentshot, I noticed that the release branch doesn’t always correspond to the highest-numbered tag. Therefore, we cannot acquire the status of the highest-numbered tag by simply using the following command, right?

git clone --depth=1 --branch=release

No, this would get anything headed towards the next patch release. I don’t think you can get it through git clone like that. Instead, maybe do an API query for tags against GitLab or Github (whichever is easier for you) and clone the highest in that list with --depth 1?