the documentation for IMPORTED_LINK_INTERFACE_LIBRARIES says it is deprecated. I would move it then to the “deprecated target properties” section if that is correct.

I guess the target property IMPORTED_LINK_DEPENDENT_LIBRARIES_ is also deprecated ?
The variable CMAKE_LINK_INTERFACE_LIBRARIES is then probably also deprecated ? Is there a non-deprecated replacement for it ?

If they are indeed all deprecated, I can create a branch to move them all to deprecated and mention it explicitly.

While at it, should add_defintions() and the directory property DEFINITIONS also be moved to deprecated ?

From Slack, I think that this might be for $<TARGET_RUNTIME_DLLS>. But that definitely needs double checked.

Probably not going to happen:

These are all documented as deprecated and can be moved to the appropriate manual section:


The variable


should also be documented as deprecated and moved too.

All of them could be updated to use .. deprecated:: 2.8.12 markup since they were all deprecated by CMP0022 in that version.

The other IMPORTED_LINK_* properties are still in use, e.g., by install(EXPORT).