How to distribute builds of cmake itself?

We are making some modifications to cmake for our project and would like to distribute our branch of cmake itself to the team so they can build using these changes.

Is there documentation on how to build a minimal distribution of cmake? It’s not an easy thing to search for - lots of hits for distributing binaries built with cmake, not cmake itself. The local build is a ~300MB collection of many files, but I’m not sure if they are all needed. The layout of files doesn’t seem to match the installed version.

We are looking to push these changes to the main repo (one has already been merged), but we need to be using our changes now and can’t wait for the release turnaround.

Any pointers are greatly appreciated.

The instructions for how we build releases are all contained in the repository. See Utilities/Release and gitlab-ci jobs (in .gitlab-ci.yml) which use the .cmake_release_artifacts bit. Chasing the instructions down can take a bit, but they’re all contained under the .gitlab/ directory.

As for what is “minimal”, just turn off ccmake and cmake-gui. Everything else is more or less necessary.