How can you figure out which commit went into which version of cmake?

I am specifically looking at this commit: c0da651c09e11f9868529b7f8c4dc8f97c4546c8.

Contextually, it looks it went into version 3.16 or 3.17, but I can’t tell which.

It went in 3.27:

$ git describe --contains c0da651c09e11f9868529b7f8c4dc8f97c4546c8
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Other hints that it was 3.17 (without having a local clone):

  • the milestone for the MR is 3.17.0
  • the merge commit (available towards the end of the MR in the “mentioned in commit …” note) tag listing (requires hitting the ··· button) shows 3.17.0-rc1, but no 3.16 tags.