FindVulkan improvement

I would like to contribute two improvements to FindVulkan.cmake . I am
posting it this way as the improvements are trivial (but very useful for
us working with Vulkan). In short, they just append two targets:
Vulkan::Headers and Vulkan::glslangValidator . The first one complements
existing Vulkan::Vulkan target, but excluding Vulkan library from the
target. It allows for applications that loads Vulkan library in
run-time, thus no link-time libraries. The second one
(Vulkan::glslangValidator) provides path to the glslangValidator
executable. glslangValidator is the tool for converting between shader
languages (GLSL, SPIR-V,…). It is very useful in the build process.

Feel free to improve my contribution or provide further comments how to
improve it.


FindVulkan.cmake (4.73 KB)

Thanks. We primarily accept contributions via merge requests. Please see the contribution guidelines for how to open a merge request where reviews are performed.

Ok. I tried my best to go through the process. Anyway, it is my first time on gitlab. The merge request is !6154. Let me know if something more is required from me. (There is some error about “invalid commit subject” that is not clear to me, like some empty line is expected somewhere…).

Thanks. For ease of others, the MR is here.