FindOctave.cmake in CMake Community Wiki broken for Octave 5

Hi everyone,
I am not sure this is the right place were to discuss this, but given that the CMake Wiki is listed under “Community” in GitLab, this is my best guess.

We recently discovered that the FindOctave.cmake is broken when used with Octave 5, because in Octave 5 the support for octave-config -p PREFIX has been removed (see

If you don’t need the variable OCTAVE_ROOT_DIR the fix is relatively easy and it is to remove OCTAVE_ROOT_DIR from the script, see . However, I don’t know what is the suggested way to do modify the wiki? Discuss the changes here before?

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Apparently it is also broken for Octave 4, but I had completely forgot about it: .

@traversaro I’ve added you to the wiki project members so you can edit now. Thanks!

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