Feature request / RFC: Improve the documentation for paragraph Object Libraries

Object Libraries
add_library( OBJECT […])

Creates an Object Library. An object library compiles source files but does not archive or link their object files into a library. Instead other targets created by add_library or [add_executable()] may reference the objects using an expression of the form [$<TARGET_OBJECTS:objlib>] as a source, where objlib is the object library name.

I wan to change
… may reference the objects using …
… may reference the object library using …
As a C++ developer, I associate the word “objects” with object files like codec.obj, mixer.obj and filter.obj, not with with the object libraries.

Is my understanding of the documentation correct?
Where should I send these suggestions?

The documentation is correct in this case.

The expression $<TARGET_OBJECTS:objlib> does literally paste in the set of object files. The prose says “…targets… may reference the objects using an expression of the form [$<TARGET_OBJECTS:objlib> ] as a source…”, which is quite literally what it is doing. If you changed the wording to say “…reference the object library…”, some might misinterpret that to also bringing across transitive dependencies, but you only get that behavior if you link to the object library. The distinction is subtle, but the existing wording is more correct than your proposed change.

Thank you for the detailed explanation.
I’ll have to explore the documentation more carefully.