Feature Request: Implement VS_DEBUGGER_ properties for Intel fortran targets

(I don’t think this has been mentioned before. I can’t find any reference to it anyway.) Is there any support for this request? The need for these properties in C++ targets is recognized and there is a similar need in Intel fortran targets. Setting these at generation time through CMake is far more convenient than manually adding them in Visual Studio after generation.

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I think these properties can be used regardless of the language. Did you try them?

Yes. They don’t work in an Intel fortran target but they do in a C++ target. I did check the documentation after I couldn’t get them to work and it does say “for Visual Studio C++ targets” and looking at the VS project files for both, the tags are completly different.

If we know what bits to set in the generated project file, this could be supported, sure.

The Configurations|Configuration item needs the properties included eg Command, CommandArguments, WorkingDirectory, Environment (and MergeEnvironment) below

		<Configuration Name="Debug|Win32" OutputDirectory="G:\Sandbox\MyProg\MyBuild\Debug" IntermediateDirectory="MyProg.dir\Debug" TargetName="MyProg"  Command="debug command" CommandArguments="debug command arguments" WorkingDirectory="debug working diretory" Environment="debug environment" MergeEnvironment="false">

These are normally created in a .vfproj.name.user file but can be included in the .vfproj file though they will be tranferred to a .vfproj.name.user file when the solution is opened in Visual Studio. The settings in the vfproj.name.user file override those in the .vfproj file so, if it exists, it would need to be deleted during generation.

Thanks. I think there’s enough here to get a useful issue filed. Could you please do so?

Thanks. I’ve filed the issue.

Thanks, I see it: https://gitlab.kitware.com/cmake/cmake/-/issues/24846