Does DEPENDS in add_custom_target() support generator expressions?

According to the docs, the DEPENDS arguments for add_custom_command() support generator expressions. I was surprised to see that the similar DEPENDS argument for add_custom_target() is not documented as supporting them. Is that a documentation oversight, or does add_custom_target() not formally support them for DEPENDS arguments after all?

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Hmm…I’d add a test and update the docs based on the results. If the test fails…well, that’s the baseline :slight_smile: . I’d say that support itself is missing (probably as an oversight; I don’t think there are any implementation blockers here).

is there an issue for this on GitLab?

No I haven’t had a chance to follow-up on this. If you’d like to do the tests Ben mentioned and open an issue for this with those results recorded, that would be helpful.

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