Discussion about more FindVulkan improvements

I am cross-posting my CMake issue here trying to reach a wider audience and get more feedbacks : Feature Request: Augment FindVulkan to find third-party libraries shipped with VulkanSDK

In a nutshell, I wish that FindVulkan would find more things like third-party libraries shipped with the VulkanSDK rather than simply Vulkan headers and some executables paths.

To me this also raise the question on what is the right approach to do so as some shipped libraries may also exists elsewhere.
For example, VulkanSDK ships with google/shaderc but the same projects may also exists elsewhere in a CMake project (e.g. as a submodule and declared via add_subdirectory)

Any feedbacks welcome on this, I am also happy to contribute a first version as a merge request to help spark the discussion.

Now, some third-party libraries have been added in FindVulkan. I’m trying to use them. I meet a issue that there will be some link errors to SPIRV-Tools-opt if I use SPIRV-Tools, should SPIRV-Tools-opt be added in FindVulkan too?

Hey Logan,

I ended up implementing my own request, but I may have made mistakes.
When I tested it, CMake tests when running fine however the Vulkan SDK kept evolving and dependencies for SPIRV may have evolved.

Can you submit a MR or an issue on the CMake project with a minimal repro ?