seems to be unused

Does anyone know the purpose of the file at Modules/Internal/CPack/ in CMake’s repository? I can’t find anything that seems to reference it. I’m not even sure if it was ever actually used, even though it is mentioned in a comment in CPack.cmake (and that appears to be the only place it is and has ever been referenced).


Looks like,, and various other CPack.* template files are unused as well, so they are all potentially part of the same set of incomplete/removed functionality.

FWIW, I see references in b1a74218401a6d990b570cae8141cad97fb8dc19 from 2004 at least. No idea when it stopped being used, but it seems it was used at some point.

Nevermind, that is for the Info.plist file. No idea where these other ones come into the picture.

I think the deprecated Source/CPack/cmCPackPackageMakerGenerator.cxx uses these files, but constructs their name programmatically. See the CopyResourcePlistFile calls.

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Fantastic, thanks. That was the info I was looking for. I thought there might be some sort of programmatic use, but had no success finding it earlier.