Code blocks in tutorials aren't wrapped in a <code> element

This is barely even an issue at all, but I like using Firefox’s “reader view” tool to follow coding tutorials. One thing I’ve noticed is that the code blocks use the pre element, but it doesn’t include a nested code element. The reader view will apply special formatting to these elements to improve readability. From what I can tell the single line code fragments are using the code element, so it’s only the mult-line code blocks that lack the element.

Without code element (left), with code element (right):

The tutorial pages are generated by Sphinx from reStructuredText documents versioned with CMake’s source. The code block in question is here in the source code, and is already marked as code for Sphinx. The HTML that Sphinx generates from that is not under our control, but it looks fine in a normal browser view.

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Ahh okay, no worries. Thanks for the info!