CMakePresets.json section appears too early in the cmake(1) doc

The CMakePresets.json feature newly added in CMake 3.19 takes up a substantial amount of space early in the page for the cmake(1) documentation. It should have its own section within that page and I would suggest it should come after the generic Options section, not before it as it does now. This would seem a more logical flow and less overwhelming to a new user.

As an aside, the Synopsis seems to miss a lot of the structure of that page. It might be worth looking at whether it should turn into or be augmented by a HTML table of contents like some other documentation pages provide. Navigation could be substantially improved as a result.

Cc: @kyle.edwards

Another option is to consider a separate dedicated page for the CMakePresets.json material. That might help prevent the cmake(1) manual from overwhelming users who are just interested in the options that the cmake command line supports in its various use cases.

I agree with @craig.scott, a dedicated page for this feature seems the good approach.
Adding some more examples can be helpful as well: I think particularly about the inheritance concept.

And to finish, is there a possibility to generate a preset from the current CMake configuration? I didn’t found anything about that. This facility could be greatly helpful to popularize this feature.

@kyle.edwards please create a dedicated cmake-presets(7) manual and reference it from where the content is now. Then it can be extended with the proposed schema.