CMAKE_VERIFY_INTERFACE_HEADER_SETS should prevent clang-tidy warnings too?

With clang-tidy-17 there are new checks that should suppressed IMHO:

// NOLINTNEXTLINE(misc-header-include-cycle,misc-include-cleaner)
#include <asio/executor.hpp> // IWYU pragma: associated

For reference, those checks:

look like clang-tidy’s version of include-what-you-use.

Yes, I think the proposal makes sense. I’d welcome a merge request adding that. See CMake MR 7762 for the addition of // IWYU pragma: associated as an example.

The same problem exist for CMAKE_UNITY_BUILD too

==> build/standalone/_deps/myproject-build/CMakeFiles/myproject.dir/Unity/unity_0_cxx.cxx <==
/* generated by CMake */

/* NOLINTNEXTLINE(bugprone-suspicious-include,misc-include-cleaner) */
#include "/home/klein_cl/Workspace/cpp/myproject/src/ConnectionManager.cpp"