Cmake gitlab has over 3000 issues

Currently the gitlab has over 3000 issues.

I’m new to trying to contribute to big open source projects. But is something like this okay?

I mean some of these issues were created +10 years ago.

The answer to this question might very well be that this is okay. I’m just curious to hear the developers thoughts about this.

CMake has a lot of things it touches. Many of the issues are for tracking feature requests, long-standing bugs, and more that are either extremely hard to address or fix within the constraints of the project. Personally, I don’t like closing such issues since “no one” searches closed issues and duplicates tend to crop up more often if they’re hidden like that. The bigger issue tends to be the incoming queue not getting the attention in needs to categorize them appropriately.

If you’re looking to contribute, there are issues marked with the triage:easy label which have been deemed to be of less complexity. They’re not uniformly applied, so there are probably new issues which fall into that category, but determining that sometimes is the hard part.