CMake 3.28.2 available for download

We are pleased to announce that CMake 3.28.2 is now available for download.

Please use the latest release from our download page:

See also the release notes and release milestone

Thanks for your support!

Changes made since CMake 3.28.1:

Ben Boeckel (12):

  • cmNinjaTargetGenerator: use scan flag for modmap usage in exported commands
  • cmDyndepCollation: clarify CXX_MODULES-without-BMI error message
  • Help: update links to be HTTPS
  • ExternalProject: revert BYPRODUCTS for download outputs
  • Tests/CXXModules: add a test with unity build support
  • cmGlobalGenerator: add unity sources after computing target compile features
  • cmLocalGenerator: ignore scanned sources for unity builds
  • cmVisualStudio10TargetGenerator: fix typo in flag name
  • Tests/CXXModules: add a test case for VS generation without flags
  • cmVisualStudio10TargetGenerator: always specify scanning
  • Tests/CXXModules/scan_properties: use ixx extension
  • cxxmodules: make export trampoline script files unique

Brad King (12):

  • FindBoost: Add support for Boost 1.84
  • zlib: Update script to get zlib 1.2.13
  • CUDA/Clang: Update architectures supported by CUDA 12
  • CUDA/Clang: Record architectures supported by Clang 16
  • Source: Simplify hasher object construction
  • Tests: Add missing include in testUVProcessChainHelper on Windows
  • cmUVProcessChain: Simplify builder initialization
  • cmUVProcessChain: Simplify SetExternalStream usage
  • cmUVProcessChain: Tolerate fileno() of invalid FILE stream
  • Revert use of libuv for process execution for 3.28
  • FindFreetype: Revert use of upstream freetype cmake package
  • CMake 3.28.2

Craig Scott (7):

  • Help: Fix typo not accounting for addition of visionOS
  • Help: Note CMAKE_IOS_INSTALL_COMBINED deprecation in toolchains example
  • Help: Update missed text for dynamically generated resource spec files
  • Help: Use for non-keyword arguments in property command signatures
  • Help: Use consistently in property getter commands
  • Help: Add missing DIRECTORY keyword to set_tests_properties() signature
  • Help: Fix wrong return values for unset inherited properties

Florian Weimer (1):

  • Tests: Improve C compatibility of LoadCommand tests

Gergely Meszaros (2):

  • HIP: Really forward CMAKE_HIP_HOST_COMPILER in check_language(HIP)
  • HIP: Propagate CMAKE_HIP_PLATFORM from/to the test project in check_language

Hermann von Kleist (8):

  • FindMatlab: Restore support for versions without VersionInfo.xml
  • FindMatlab: use correct registry view when extracting versions
  • FindMatlab: Restore support for finding EXACT major.minor version
  • FindMatlab: matlab_get_release_name_from_version is a function now
  • FindMatlab: Document all registry paths for version lookup
  • FindMatlab: Fix error message from function
  • FindMatlab: Some versions use major.minor.patch in the registry
  • FindMatlab: Document that version mappings do not apply to MCR

Jason E. Hale (1):

  • UsePkgConfig: Restore removal of trailing whitespace from pkg-config output

Marc Chevrier (3):

  • Xcode: Restore support for standalone IMPORTED_LOCATION_
  • Ninja: LINK_OPTIONS property should support newlines
  • Help: string(LENGTH): Fix synopsis link to command description

Matheus Izvekov (1):

  • cxxmodules: compute link information for C++ module-consuming targets

Orkun Tokdemir (4):

  • Makefile: Reduce string copies
  • Makefile: Fix double escaping when DEPFILE is used
  • cmQtAutoGenInitializer: Improve Const-correctness
  • Autogen: Forward dependencies when both Makefile and DEPFILE are used

Rafael Sadowski (1):

  • Source: Restore compilation on OpenBSD

Robert Maynard (2):

  • CUDAToolkit: Correctly search all include paths from compiler
  • Tests: Verify CUDA::cupti existence on a subset of machines

scivision (2):

  • FindMatlab: Fix major.minor version lookups in Windows Registry
  • FindMatlab: Accept long version in matlab_get_release_name_from_version

zlib upstream (1):

  • zlib 2022-10-12 (04f42cec)