CMake 3.25.3 available for download

We are pleased to announce that CMake 3.25.3 is now available for download.

Please use the latest release from our download page:

Thanks for your support!

Changes made since CMake 3.25.2:

Ben Boeckel (1):

  • Ninja: require Ninja 1.11 for C++ module support

Brad King (6):

  • Android: Provide CMAKE_ANDROID_NDK_VERSION with NDK legacy toolchain file
  • curl: Backport upstream curl fixes for no_proxy to CMake 3.25 release
  • ExternalProject: Restore driving install through build system
  • GoogleTest: Restore suite name for type-parametrized tests
  • file(INSTALL): Fix file ownership regression when running as root on macOS
  • CMake 3.25.3

Kefu Chai (1):

  • FindOpenSP: Use pkg-config only as hints for main code path

Marc Chevrier (1):

  • FindPython: Policy CMP0007 must be set to NEW