CMake 3.23.1 available for download

We are pleased to announce that CMake 3.23.1 is now available for download.

Please use the latest release from our download page:

Thanks for your support!

Changes made since CMake 3.23.0:

Ben Boeckel (3):

  • CMakeDependentOption: improve documentation
  • cmFileSet: store visibility with the fileset
  • cmTarget: make HEADER_SETS and INTERFACE_HEADER_SETS read-only

Brad King (19):

  • GNUInstallDirs: Revert “Apply Debian multiarch LIBDIR to more prefixes”
  • Help: Clarify when policy CMP0112 takes effect
  • gitlab-ci: clarify name of package upload job template
  • gitlab-ci: distinguish release and development pipeline schedules
  • gitlab-ci: add sanity check to upload jobs
  • gitlab-ci: simplify package pipeline job conditions
  • gitlab-ci: start release package pipelines manually
  • Utilities/Sphinx: Add undocumented option to build docs for
  • Utilities/Sphinx: Add option to build outdated version banner for
  • Utilities/Sphinx: Add OpenSearch link to html page headers on
  • gitlab-ci: consolidate jobs for{master,stage} docs
  • gitlab-ci: update documentation in release package pipeline
  • gitlab-ci: Add objects.inv to html documentation
  • gitlab-ci: Build qthelp-format release documentation for
  • Help: Add “Updates” section header in 3.22 release notes
  • Utilities/Sphinx: Update qthelp generation to qhelpgenerator
  • CheckCompilerFlag: Fix regression in locale environment preservation
  • Help: Document that target_sources defines [INTERFACE_]HEADER_SETS
  • CMake 3.23.1

Craig Scott (3):

  • CheckSourceCompiles: Avoid linker warning with -fembed-bitcode
  • Help: Correct/add missing details for CheckPIESupported
  • CheckPIESupported: Prevent separate output lines running together

Cristian Adam (1):

  • PCH: Fix Xcode non-pch language exclusion

Eugene Shalygin (1):

  • Help: Fix typo in install command documentation

Even Rouault (1):

  • FindPostgreSQL: add support for PostgreSQL 14

Gregor Jasny (1):

  • Tests: Ignore all classes in Xcode internal objc warnings

Kyle Edwards (1):

  • FILE_SET: Forbid adding header sets to Apple FRAMEWORK libraries

Robert Maynard (2):

  • CUDA: Ninja generator generates valid compile database
  • cmake: --list=presets=[type] doesn’t generate incorrect warnings

Tobias Nießen (2):

  • Help: Fix string(JSON … LENGTH …) signature
  • Help: Add that CMAKE_CACHEFILE_DIR might not be defined
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