C# source code compilation from command line (any cases, without Visual Studio)

Dear Community. I have faced on the case when is needed to compile C# source code without Visual Studio usage in order to build it in DLL library and then include this package into other platforms (not only Windows-based). After a little bit of investigation CMake as a build tool has been chosen and appropriate configuration file (CMakeLists.txt ) created. During it’s running using native command prompt there is a mistake of compilation - "C# is currently only supported for Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 and later ". That’s why I would like to ask you share your knowledge and provide any additional cases to build it (some additional tools or whole scenarios) such as I’m a brand new in this topic and can’t proceed before that wall (; . Thank you in advance.

CMake doesn’t support C# other than through Visual Studio at this time. Development work would be required to use the compiler in non-VS environments.