Building Nasm files with Xcode

Hi all,

I just ported a couple files to the ASM_NASM language. But I noticed that, when using the Xcode generator, there are no build rules for the .asm files (explicitFileType is sourcecode).

Looking into the mailing list archives, I found this thread: When forcing the suggested correct file type sourcecode.nasm, Xcode crafts a (wrong) build rule out of the blue and crashes because it doesn’t find Nasm at the expected location $(DEVELOPER_BIN).

Even further digging shows that ASM_NASM may be poorly documented, and from a cursory look at cmGlobalXCodeGenerator.cxx I concluded that the build rule was simply never generated for this language.

Can someone confirm my suspicions? Would it be possible to fix the generator?

Probably, but we would need to know what to do properly.