bootstrap script seems to support building more than it needs to

Does anyone know why the bootstrap script has options for enabling building the Qt GUI and running Sphinx? Neither of those seem like things that the bootstrap script should be doing. I would have expected the bootstrap script only needs to support building a minimal command-line cmake that can be used to build the rest of CMake. Is there something I’m missing here?

If they are not needed, we should remove them. That in turn would allow simplification in some places (I saw some bootstrap-related things in Source/QtDialog/CMakeLists.txt, for example, where the logic has already been hard-coded anyway).

I would have thought they’d just set the options on the configure that is done with the bootstrap binary, but I haven’t done anything with the bootstrap script in a long time.

Yes, the bootstrap script doesn’t build cmake-gui or Sphinx documentation itself. Those options are just used when the bootstrap cmake binary is used to configure the main build. They exist in the boostrap script signature so that packagers and end users can have simple one-line configuration of the CMake build.