Apple Silicon Version of

I am developing on an Apple Silicon mac and it was nice to that is now universal (3.19.3). This also means that the GUI app has an Apple Silicon version of the Qt5 libraries also. Our project is also dependent on the Qt5 libraries and I was hoping that the CMake developers might share how they got their Qt5 Apple Si versions of the libraries. I am searching the usual places on the internet to see what the build command for Qt5 but I was hoping that it is simple enough that the CMake devs could just post it here.


I believe that a few patches were backported into 5.9/5.15 from Qt6 for compilation purposes. This directory seems like it’d be of interest.

Cc: @brad.king

@imikejackson see this script in our source that documents exactly how we built Qt5 as a universal binary for x86_64+arm64. Basically we build it separately for each architecture, use the makeuniversal tool to combine the build trees, and then install from the combined tree.

Thank you for the link. I was able to get it compiled and was then able to mostly compile our project. Off to the ITK list to discuss Apple Si patches….