[announce] xPack CMake - an alternate cross-platform binary distribution

We are pleased to announce the first release of the xPack CMake as an alternate cross-platform binary distribution of the CMake build system.

The binaries are available from:

All binaries are standalone, which means they have minimal system requirements and are file system position independent. Thus they can be installed in any folder and are expected to run on most modern platforms, including the new Arm single board computers, like Raspberry Pi.

The binaries can be installed by manually extracting the content of the archives, or by using an automated tool like xpm (https://xpack.github.io/xpm/).

This package is part of the xPack Project, which provides multiple tools intended for software developers, with an emphasis on C/C++ and bare-metal embedded projects.

We invite you to install and evaluate this new binaries, and provide feedback, here or preferably in the project forum.

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