An e-mail from Discourse Cloud Service saying Mailbox Storage is full

I got a strange e-mail on 2023-09-06, supposedly from (can’t say if it’s a genuine address or faked headers).


[CMake] [Code] Discourse Cloud Service:: Mailbox Storage is full. Wednesday, September 6, 2023


Discourse Cloud Incident Report


Mail Storage Low: Ticket#1180178543

Your Mail Box Exceeded it storage limit. CLICK HERE TO UNBLOCK STORAGE or use the link below Fill and click SUBMIT for more space or you won’t be able to send/receive Mail.

Use the TAB below to review and decide what happens to your storage.

Review & Add Storage

Discourse™|Cloud Service 2022/2023 © Mail Report

in which CLICK HERE TO UNBLOCK STORAGE is a link leading/redirecting to, which I did not click/open.

I thought this is a spam/phishing, so I deleted this e-mail. And since that day I stopped receiving e-mail notifications about new topics in the forum category that I’m watching (or in fact any e-mail notifications?). So this might not have been a coincidence, and something did actually break somewhere :slight_smile:

That is certainly not a legitimate message from

I checked with our admins, and coincidentally there was a temporary problem with sending the notifications on that day. Hopefully you’ll receive the legitimate notifications again.

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Yes, since yesterday(?) I’m getting e-mail notifications as expected, so it all seems to be good now.
Thank you for looking into this.