Add target_link_features for upcoming <LANG>_LINK_LIBRARY_USING_FEATURE?

I think that it would be great to add the target_link_features() for upcoming <LANG>_LINK_LIBRARY_USING_FEATURE and corresponding [INTERFACE_]_LINK_FEATURES for propagating features between targets.
The possible caveats related to incompatible link features I think that could be solved via some “fallback-”/“compatible-” link features.
Thanks for your attention.

Cc: @marc.chevrier

A such capability will not happen because the genex $<LINK_LIBRARY> is designed to used by the consumer, not the producer.

Moreover, the features defined by variables ..._LINK_LIBRARY_USING_FEATURE are global because mostly related to the platform linker, so not at all related to a specific target.