compile options order

I am using an interface library to specify a set of warnings that should be enabled project wide:

add_library(default_warnings INTERFACE)
target_compile_options(default_warnings INTERFACE -Wall -Wextra)

Due to reasons out of my control I inherited some source code that I will not be able to clear of all warnings (from that set) in the foreseeable future. In a Makefile based project I simply would have put -Wno-whatever on the compile line. With CMake I seem to have run into the problem that the order of compile options is: <this targets options>, <options propageted from dependencies>. I.e. even if I disable a warning for my target the β€œON” switch of the option is introduced by my targets dependencies after the β€œOFF” switch, which in turn tells the compiler to use the warning.

So my question now is, how can I append a compile option to the end of the accumulated set of all compile options? Or am I abusing Interface targets here?

For now I simply do not depend on my default_warnings target so I have a workaround but still I would like to be able to control the order or arguments passed to the compile, simply because the order matters.